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“Contender for the best of the year lists… brilliantly unusual, unexpected tracks, you never know what she’s going to do next.” – Lauren Laverne

“Bold art folk… accomplished fusion of words, acoustic strumming and wild percussive textures.” – UNCUT 7/10

“Experimental folk multi-instrumentalist Dadd is one of the quirkiest singer songwriters on earth but she’s also one of the best… a richly eclectic sonic treat.” – HIFI NEWS 9/10

“An artist destined to define the genre.” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Rachael Dadd is our most celebrated female artist on Folk Radio UK.” – FRUK



Living half her time as a traveling musician in Japan, witnessing how other people create things, connecting with other cultures and landscapes; all this is a furnace for Rachael Dadd`s innovative song writing.

Contemporary folk multi-instrumentalist Rachael Dadd is honing her 6th album Flux, following her highly acclaimed album We Resonate. Co-produced with Marcus Hamblett (Villagers / Laura Marling), Flux is a response to the flow of life up-rooted; a protest against the flow of recent political history; a diary of the flow within the intimate space of home. Collaborators include multi-instrumentalist Emma Gatrill (Willie Mason / Matthew and the Atlas), drummer Rob Pemberton (Emily Barker / Low Chimes), bassist Jim Barr (Portishead) and vocalists Kate Stables and Rozi Plain (This is The Kit).

With a string of releases on Talitres (EU/UK), Broken Sound (UK), Sweetdreams Press and Angel’s Egg (Japan) and much support from DJs on BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction, BBC radio 4, Xfm, France Musique among many other stations worldwide, Rachel’s previous album release ‘We Resonate’ came out on Talitres (UK/EU) and Sweetdreams Press (Japan). It was an uplifting celebration of life and by far her most collaborative to date. It saw Rachael joined by Laura Marling’s sideman Marcus Hamblett, experimental Japanese multi-instrumentalist ICHI, Alessi Laurent-Marke of Alessi’s Ark, Rozi Plain, Emma Gatrill of Sons of Noel and Adrian, and Thomas Heather of Woodpecker Wooliams.

Born from the richness of Rachael Dadd`s semi-nomadic lifestyle, partly recorded live in a studio followed by playful overdubbing in Rachael’s front room, ‘We Resonate’ carves out a niche of its own, crossing genres from folk, through pop and experimental. Pulsing with poly-rhythms on prepared-piano, homemade xylophone, voice, clarinets, typewriter, boxes of matches, steel drum, tap-dancing, clapping, and even the heartbeat of Rachael’s baby in the womb, it reveals that her love of African field-recordings and the spirit embodied within them has seeped into the diverse mix of influences, along with Steve Reich, Tune Yards, and the Japanese underground/ improv scene.

“Being a travelling musician is a furnace for making music. Witnessing how people build things together, watching the changing landscapes from city to wilderness and back to city, becoming connected to other people’s cultures, it all makes it easier to go against the grain of what you grew up with. I feel at home using the pentatonic scale. I veer towards leaving behind the wash of guitar mid-frequencies that I think dominate so much of modern western music.”

Rachael’s songwriting hones in on themes of communication, collaboration, nurture and optimism, but the worth of living is emphasized in even greater magnitude within the album’s moments of desolation (unanswered walkie-talkies on a song about flood victims), in its moments of questioning (“I see you`re flexing the muscle of these modern machines but are you sure you’re fit to drive them?”), and in its moments of protest (an overblown clarinet and a salute to Ivor Cutler calling “all the women of the world take over!”). Overall though optimism spreads its warm sunbeam and sets with a golden light over the ebbing and swelling of “let it rise, let it fall…”

“You’ve got to have light and dark to make something truthful, to make something resonate. I was living in Japan when the tsunami hit and the Fukushima nuclear plant blew up. Witnessing the Japanese people’s strength, positivity and collaboration in the face of threat influenced my songwriting. During this time I saw a photograph exhibition of Ama-san, the diving women who work in teams holding their breath for 2 minutes, to dive for sea creatures without scuba gear. The essence of those beautiful and powerful images stayed with me throughout the making of the album and are what the artwork by Betsy Dadd is based on.”

The live show takes on multiple forms. In 2016-2017 Rachael Dadd`s Piano & Projection show in collaboration with sister and film maker Betsy Dadd, received an Emerging Excellence Award and toured in the UK and Japan. During 2018 she has toured with full band in Japan and supported This is the Kit on a uk tour. Her countless festival performances include End of the Road (Tipi stage), Green Man (Cinema tent), Glastonbury, Truck, Farmest, Wilderness and so many more. Headline tours include twice around the UK, once in Europe and every year in Japan since 2008.

Rachael co-curated Bristols SHHH festival (a celebration of quiet & diverse music), instigated the group exhibition ‘DIY is all you need’ with fellow musicians and artists, and has written for some top names in Japan such as UA and Gontiti. With a First in fine art, Rachael puts great attention into the conceptual and visual through film, album artwork, hand-made merchandise and exhibitions.

Rachael is published by Wipe Out Music Ltd, has releases on Talitres (EU/UK), Lost Map (UK), and Sweetdreams Press (Japan). Previously she self-released 4 albums, and always self-manages and keeps full artistic control. Yuppies Music represent her for live bookings in the UK, while in France UNDEUX UN DEUX represent her.




BETSY DADD – sister/artist/animator

ICHI – husband/japanese musician/artist/inventor

EMMA GATRILL – fellow musician on my new album and at most shows and an amazing performer in her own right

MARCUS HAMBLETT – many fingers in many pies, everyone wants him in their band, lucky me that he’s in mine

TOM HEATHER – fell in love with his drumming then got him in my band whoohoo – this is his other band Eyes and no Eyes


THE HAND – my duo with my pal Wig Smith

WILL NEWSOME – solo kora player/singer/ferryboatman

WHALEBONE POLLY– my duo with old pal Kate Stables – we made an album, recordings with the window open, with Virpi Kettu in 2004

THIS IS THE KIT – Kate Stables’ band 

ROZI PLAIN – singer/ferryboatwoman/old pal

ALESSI’S ARK – touring buddy

FRANCOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS – Bristol music pals/ used to play in their band

NAOTO KAWATE – inspiring guitarist/ touring buddy in Japan

MAKOTO INADA – my favourite double bass player

YAMAGI CHIEKO – my favorite drummer

YUMBO – one of my favourite Japanese bands (with Yamagi Chieko)

AKI TSUYUKO – Japanese solo musician on thrill Jockey who plays keyboards on my song Time Makers

TRICO LIFE – Japanese musician/famous cook

TENNIS COATS – Japanese duo/ ex Mahal Hash Baz members


TALITRES – my UK/EU label

LOST MAP – Scottish label who’ve just released my split 7″ with Rozi Plain


SWEET DREAMS PRESS – my Japanese Label

ANGEL’S EGG – my old Japanese Label

DISC SHOP ZERO – record shop in Shimo Kitazawa Tokyo, same owner as Angels Egg, and my longest supporter in Japan, the man I owe a lot to, go and say hello if you`re in Tokyo! 

FLAU – long time supporters of my music, Japanese label based in Tokyo with compilations include my songs released far and wide


BEN HAMPSON – recorded and mixed We Resonate so beautifully, what an ear and what patience and what a lovely man to work with

JAMES HANKINS AND HANKIN FILMS – made the Strike Our Scythes film

CARRIE HITCHCOCK – photographer and friend in Bristol – has taken lots of pictures for me

LOUISE PHILIPS – artist/live drawer (at some of our shows)


MAYFAIR STUDIO GALLERY – Supporters of my artwork (held my exhibition in Tokyo)

GALLERY PENN – new supporters of my artwork – holding my exhibition April 2012

STONE IMMACULATE – my press agency for the past 2 releases

VIADUCT – my radio pluggers for the last 2 releases

MAT MARTIN – my brilliant web designer