This is mine and ICHI`s new collaboration for families. We will perform in Bristol Cube Cinema on the 16th December with the amazing improv story telling duo Adventure Bureau. Bring a picnic at 10:30am and make sure you book tickets as we`d hate to turn you away with your littluns,9698/

((( On Pa ))) meaning sound wave in Japanese is the brand new collaboration of Japanese musician and inventor ICHI and contemporary folk artist Rachael Dadd.
It is a lively and meditative auditory and visual journey – an experience to be universally shared and enjoyed by all cultures and all ages.
((( On Pa ))) use handcrafted instruments made from found objects, alongside experimentally playing with steel drum, clarinet, banjo and voice.
Projections and live drawing, ball games, water, ice, books and more are playfully woven through the performance.
((( On Pa ))) invite you the audience to become an orchestra with them.