Archipelago – new single released in Japan

17 May, 2018, 16:01

This is a song and video I made about the Japanese island where I live half the time. It is the B side to...

New live band video from Radio/ON show

6 February, 2018, 07:14

Last year saw the songs I`d been honing so carefully at home finally going out to school with the big kids and growing up...

Rachael Dadd – Piano and Projection Autumn Tour 2016


A glimpse at some of the inspired mark making by Betsy Dadd, Aurelia Lang and Lydia CS that will be the backdrop to my...

Wake It

February 12 2016

Wake It video has finally landed. Big thanks to Chris Lucraft for his skilled and imaginitive work.

Strike Our Scythes

30 August 2014

Directed by James Hankins, choreographed by Holly Holt, and made up of a cast of friends from around Bristol, we made this in Bristol’s...

Live band video: Baignade Interdite Festival

7 September 2014

Live band video has just surfaced from Baignade Interdite Festival in an empty swimming pool on a very hot day in France this September,...


14 July 2011

Stop frame animation made by Rachael, husband ICHI and Chris Lucraft of Broken Sound for release of Balloon single. 3000 + photos, 4 days,...


22 January 2010

Painted animation by Betsy Dadd for release of Moth in the Motor 10″ mini album.

Elephants Swimming

3 August 2010

Filmed by Anika Mottershaw in Rachael`s garden in Bristol for the release of Elephee.

Tower Tower

3 May 2011

Filmed by Anika Mottershaw at Utrophia, London for the release of Bite the Mountain.